Broadway: A place where people

can become known and be helped



Dear friend of Broadway,


It is that time of year again when we request that our supporters include us in their giving plans. We rely a great deal on giving from the greater Broadway community of churches and religious organizations, community organizations, businesses and a host of individual donors. Without support from such sources we cannot continue to do what we do at the corner of Broadway and Carroll streets in South Bend.


Those of you who have come to know us know that we do a lot, in what is an ever-evolving ministry to the poor, the homeless, and others needing various kinds of assistance. Because Broadway is A PLACE where such people gather on weekdays for breakfast and other services in our Hospitality Room, and on Sunday for our community dinner, we provide A PLACE where new projects can naturally, organically develop. These are not projects developed by professional planners seeking grants for something they’ve dreamed up, but projects brought into existence by the people seated at our tables and by the staff and volunteers who work closely with them.


This is why we have mailboxes for people who need an address to receive mail. This is why we have a person who helps track down birth certificates and other documentation needed to obtain photo IDs and particular services. This is why we welcome student nurses in to do health checks. This is why we have volunteers providing tutoring and various kinds of one-on-one assistance not covered by any particular grant or program, but supported by the general funds you give us.


Also, because we are A PLACE where neighborhood folks and others know that such things happen, our building and grounds also become A PLACE that supports and encourages many other projects driven by other groups. Last summer, for example, Broadway instigated an unique, coordinated effort on the part three area colleges — Indiana University South Bend, Ivy Tech and Bethel College — to create a summer reading event at Broadway for neighborhood youngsters that proved to be a big hit. Last fall, a criminal record expungement program set up shop in one of Broadway’s offices. A new and growing neighborhood organization now uses Broadway as its base of operations. Counseling and addictions programs have also found Broadway’s location and facility central to their operations. Indeed, Broadway has instigated and served as a host site for many such projects over the years.


Accordingly, this year we hope to give some more attention to Broadway as A PLACE. We want to complete the renovation project surrounding our Hospitality Room ministry and also take care of a number of other building needs — additional repairs and renovations that will make Broadway more hospitable as A PLACE where many things happen, and where many more things can happen.


So as we ask again for your generous support of our general operations, we also ask that you consider an additional donation for OUR PLACE — for our Building Fund — that will allow us to complete needed renovations and repairs so that we can remain a hospitable PLACE for helpful ministries to grow and flourish.


We will continue to be in touch, and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you or a group or church you are affiliated with would like a weekday tour of our food pantry and hospitality operations. We also have people available to come and speak about Broadway.


Our deepest thanks for all you can do.



Carl Hetler                                                                                        Mike Knaack

Pastor                                                                                                 Board and

                                                                                                              Finance Chair