Operation Spread Love - Saturday May 13, 2017

May 13th is the day we are organizing people from Coalbush United Methodist Church and Broadway Christian Parish and many different churches/communities to work together at Broadway Christian Parish UMC.
The goal is to help people build relationships while accomplishing some tasks together.
pastor Amber is helping to get people organized, and at Broadway we would like to get many of us gathered: serving our neighbor, building relationships, and spreading LOVE.
Some might see this as a social experiment, and some an alternative way to protest, pastor Amber says it is just one great way to Spread Love.
Oh and....the day just might end with some special Greek/Cyprus food
as we all gather at Coalbush UMC to celebrate pastor Amber's 40th Birthday, and the work we have shared together! 
And also, we will all have matching group shirts.
The fun begins at 1:00pm and at 4:00 we will gather at Coalbush to celebrate - Love and relationship building!

Please contact the church office, or pastor Bette if you have any questions!

church:  574-289-0333        pastor's cell:  574-229-7810

Here the group is gathered from a day on Sunday, March 5th when Coalbush UMC gathered to help clean the church and all places within the church where the daytime ministries take place.