Outreach Ministries

Food Pantry

Community residents have access to a variety of foods
through the
Broadway Food Pantry.

In recent years the demand for this long time ministry has also grown dramatically. In coordination with other pantries, we’ve extended our help to those outside our immediate neighborhood as the economic downturn has put many pantries under stress. At Broadway, we try to preserve a sense of dignity and control for those who find themselves asking for food. As inventories allow, we let guests choose from a selection of staples in each food category. Distributions are limited to a three-day supply (nine meals) once a month.

Hospitality Room

Folks can come by to eat breakfast, take showers, do small loads
of laundry, and get help with basic clothing needs.



This is currently Broadway’s most evolving ministry. 

Open Monday through Thursday from 8:30 to 11 a.m., it provides a place for homeless people and other nearby residents to come for breakfast and to connect with others. It is a place where people are known by name and are treated as guests. While here, our guests can sign up for showers, wash small loads of clothes, and receive new socks, underwear and other essentials depending on the season.

Our guests will also find volunteers who will stop by to chat, or to just listen to their stories. As we get to know guest and they get to know us, lines of communication are opened that can lead to additional help with health matters (Saint Mary’s contributes student nurses), finding employment, and discovering other means of assistance. In all these efforts, we strive to be a place of physical, emotional and spiritual sustenance.

Since replacing another agency’s service with a four-mornings a week breakfast in early 2009, the numbers of those participating in this ministry has virtually tripled. 

Jubilee Christmas Store

Toys and cash are donated to provide area parents with the opportunity to choose gifts for their children.

Each year, parents and guardians from some 110 families are able to come one Saturday before Christmas and shop for free toys for their children in our church’s social hall. Participants are scheduled for different hours throughout the day. Volunteers guide them to tables for different age groups and help wrap the presents on the spot. Meanwhile, the children, if they come along, are in another part of the building selecting presents for their parents! Everyone leaves with several boxes and bags of food for hearty Christmastime meals as well.

Space and time limitations keep the number of participants constant. But the flurry of the hourly waves of parents, the fun of picking out and wrapping toys, gets everyone – guests and volunteers – into the Christmas spirit. Over the years it has proven to be a most joyous, if busy, event.

Food Pantry Wish List


Packaged lunch meat
One pound roll hamburger
Canned soups
Hamburger/Tuna Helper
Pop-top fruits
Instant oatmeal


Ongoing Needs

Small and large cereals
"helpers" (hamburger, tuna)
spaghetti sauce
side dishes
mac and cheese



Hospitality Room Wish List


Men's underwear (M, L, XL)
Women's socks, knee high or tube style
New and used blankets
Toilet paper
Men's razors

Ongoing Needs

jumbo & large pots
laundry soap
dish detergent
women's and men's underwear
razors for shaving
bus passes




..."in the end...Jubilee is about, leveling the playing field so that as many children as possible won't be seperated out because of their poverty - they too can experience the joy of giving and receiving freely."

Nancy Nichols



Shower Ministry

Broadway offers a shower ministry program open

Monday thru Thursday 8:30-11:00a.m.

Folks can come by for a

hot shower and clean up.

Sunday Dinner

Dinner has been served every Sunday for over 30 years. 

For more than 30 years, Broadway has offered a free sit-down dinner to anyone who comes at noon after our morning worship service. Meal teams from Broadway and other faith groups serve dinner plates and desserts to our seated guests.


This has become a unique place of sharing as congregational members mingle with homeless people and others from various walks of life in what we see as our vision of the “heavenly banquet” that Christ calls us to. Our average weekly participation in the meal has grown to more than 100.

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