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Rick's Garden

This garden is named in memory of Robb Lechtanski's brother, Rick, a neighborhood resident who was murdered in 1995. This garden stands as a sure and certain sign of the resurrection.

On July 3, 1998, ground was broken between the Broadway parking lot and the Broadway church building to convert asphalt and concrete into green space. With Robb at the jackhammer, Rick's Garden was born.


It was the vision of Becki Moffett-Moore and Hank Reed that brought us a vegetable and flower garden in our little corner of the earth. Many youth worked on creating and growing this garden, particularly: Demetrius Stallings, Brian Reed, Conor Mather-Licht, Crystal Collier, and a whole lot more! Today the garden is lovingly maintained by member Brent and others.


In May 2007, the Garden became home to the Memorial Rock dedicated to the memory of Jason Coates, Michael Lawson, Michael Nolen, Jr. and Brian Talboom.

This raised garden is wheelchair accessible and has a bench on which anyone can rest their weary soul in comfort and peace.

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1412 Carroll Street • South Bend, Indiana 46613

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