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ABC News reported on Broadway providing ID's for homeless to get into weather amnesty:

A local church helps homeless population obtain IDs needed for shelter stays this winter (

Food Pantry

8:30-10:30 AM 


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Pastor Char Allen

Greetings from Clara! Click here for thoughts from Broadway's greeter about homelessness and advocacy.

At Broadway, we believe in giving a "hand up". Our focus is on forming creative partnerships with community partners to serve our guests, who have a plethora of diverse needs. Find out more about some of our partners here. 

Our Guiding Principle

Broadway Christian Parish is a United Methodist congregation called by God to minister to the Southeast Neighborhood of South Bend, Indiana. Believing in the sacred and equal worth of all people, we celebrate God’s grace with acts of hospitality, love, acceptance, respect, service and advocacy. These acts are rooted in our faith in Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit and strengthened by our worship, which is centered on the Word and weekly celebration of the Eucharist.

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Broadway's ministries are in need of funds and items for our hospitality room! Please consider donating today!

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